Features You Need To Consider Before Buying Android TV Box

There are several features you should check out before you decide to purchase Android TV box. Not all TV set-top boxes from Android may serve “Android TV Box”的图片搜索结果you well; there are others with low specifications while others have the latest features which make your TV watching exciting. The hardware on the devices keeps on changing. If you had bought the earlier versions to be introduced to the market, then you may be thinking of an upgrade. It is necessary for you to take into consideration your watching needs before you decide to buy a given TV set top box which operates on Android platform.

Features worth noting before you purchase an Android TV set-top box 5.1 Audio Passthrough or above

“Android TV Box”的图片搜索结果Audio Passthrough plays a great role when decoding audio from your device through online tv streaming. With 5.1 Audio Passthrough, for instance, you can listen to music from audio channel 5.1 and above. You can opt for a system which can handle 7.1 audio channels for you to enjoy quality music. The passthrough allows you to listen to music or sound from different sources exactly the way it was encoded. There are no distortions or processing of the audio files whatsoever before they can be played on your internet tv box. If you love music, you will hear the beats exactly the way they are stored on your DVD or disc files. If you listen to music from different rooms, a device with 5.1 Audio Passthrough allows you to access quality sound irrespective of the walls and other distortions in the walls.

H.265 hardware decoding

With H.265 Hardware or HEVC hardware system which can handle video encoding perfectly. The high-efficiency video encoding allows you to play video from different files without any form of quality compromise. There are other software which can handle video encoding on the live tv app market, but with H.265 you will always achieve better quality. If you are out to buy a quality system, then you should check on the quality of the system which you can buy. You will always wish to achieve quality video output; the video decoder assures you the best possible performance.

Android 5.1 Lollipop (or higher)

If you are about to buy an android smart tv box, then it is necessary for you to buy one which employs the latest Android version. There are many benefits which come with the most recent versions of Android. For example, you will access updates and expect low downtimes due to the high performance. Remember, each time a version of any software or operating system is released; there is an improvement on the previous version. It is necessary for you to go for the latest version because it will assure you the best performance. It is also easy to access support on the most recent version of Android rather than going for operating systems which were phased out. Some of the features you will enjoy with the latest version of Android include saving on disc space, better memory handling, better graphics, quality USB outputs and a modern interface.

Dynamic Refresh Rate Switching

Different movie and TV programs can have different frequency ranges. For example, you can have a 1080p and 60Hz range as well as 24Hz and 60Hz video displays. There are also other channels which can have 24Hz and 50hz frequency display. The standard frequency at which your eyes cannot notice the blinking of your screen while viewing is at 60Hz. To avoid cases where the quality of pictures will be poor at some points due to the signal source, you should go for an Android TV box which can switch to the best possible display automatically. You can easily know whether a given system you are about to buy can adjust automatically without having to change the setting manually after you go for one which has dynamic refresh rate switching feature.

OTA (Over the Air) Firmware updates

The OTA or firmware over the air update feature is an issue you should check out. Most technical devices keep on changing. It will reach a time when a new version of your firmware will change. To enjoy the latest features, you will have to upgrade your system. It is comfortable for you to have a system which can upgrade over the air without a lot of technical know-how. Older versions of TV boxes will require you to download a file and update it manually. It is a process which many homeowners who are not tech savvy will find very inconveniencing. Others will even need technicians for the simple job. It may seem simple, but if you have never handled it, you will experience some stress. But, with the over the air firmware updates, everything is done with a touch of the button. Most of them will initiate the upgrade process while they notify you to follow simple prompts from your remote.

HDMI 2.0 or 3.0 PORTS

If you use your set-top TV box for light duties such as charging your phone or connecting a mouse where speed is not necessary, then having a 2.0 USB port is okay. But, if you prefer a port where you can plug in a disk drive and enjoy watching movies on your hard disc, then you need a faster connection port. USB 3.0 plays a great role in helping you reach high speeds which will make you enjoy your movie watching experience. For faster streaming, you also need HDMI 2.0 for you always to enjoy faster streaming operation. With the latest ports, you easily enjoy the latest technology.

Dual-Band Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet

If you pay movies from a hard drive, then USB 3.0 will make your operation faster enough for you to enjoy. But, if you prefer watching movies streamed from another computer or network attached storage, then you will need the fast speed of internet connection. You will need a dual band or faster Giga Ethernet connection. A dual-band Wi-Fi allows you to access both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. They can transmit both frequencies at the same time which speeds up your operation even if one bandwidth is slow. Gigabit Ethernet offers you the fast connection without any worry of distortion.